Social media is a must-have digital marketing tool utilised to increase brand awareness, communicate and extend reach of brand messages and bring customers closer to a business. Executed properly, the benefits of such platforms are numerous – but get social media management wrong and you’re potentially damaging your brand and turning off potential customers.

Many small to medium sized businesses launch head first into social media management without any clear strategy. Without set objectives, tactics for achieving these objectives and details on who’s going to responsible for implementing them, businesses are often setting themselves up to fail before they even start.

Three of the most common social media management pitfalls can easily be overcome with the correct experience, time and resources to continue building up a solid presence using the various social media platforms available.

Lack of strategy

As previously mentioned, having no clear strategy in place when it comes to social media management is a recipe for failure. Knowing what you want to achieve is fairly simple, but knowing how to get there is another matter entirely. Those with little experience of social media marketing set up a social media account and just expect people to flock to it, sadly it isn’t that simple.

To get users to engage with your company using social media you’ll need to offer something of value. From discounts, informative articles and competitions, the list of tactic is endless. The trick here is getting the balance right in order to attract the right kind of followers.

Poor maintenance

You might have put time, money and effort into your social media presence initially, but fail to nurture and maintain it and you’re actually going to do more harm than good. One example of this that I’m sure we’ve all come across is the lonely and unloved social media profile that hasn’t been updated in months.

Leaving social media to its own devices leads users to question your commitment to your customers and even if you’re still trading at all – and in most cases they don’t hang around long enough to find out.

Engagement issues

Ignoring a prospective new customer on social media is effectively the same thing as ignoring them in a real life situation. If you’re not willing to keep a very close eye on communications and engagement coming through your social media channels then you need to find someone who will.

Customers don’t take kindly to being ignored, and with most social media interactions being highly visible to other users, this can have a seriously negative impact on your brand.

Social media management takes time, effort and insight into what works and what doesn’t. Leaving this to chance can do more harm than good, so if you’re unsure on where to start its best to seek out expert advice.

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