With so many of us carrying around smartphones in our handbags and pockets, it comes as no real surprise that the majority of website visits come from mobile devices – so it’s essential that you give your prospective customers the best experience possible with a mobile optimised website.

A website is a hugely important part of any businesses online marketing strategy, but sadly not all websites are mobile friendly and are ultimately losing sales because of this.

Statistics show that once visitors land on a website and it takes more than 3 seconds to load, over 70 percent will bounce off your site and seek alternatives elsewhere. Likewise, if your shopping cart isn’t mobile optimised over 50 percent of customers will abandon the transaction at some stage.

We’ve come to expect that most organisations have websites optimised for a good mobile experience, and these websites enjoy better conversion rates and brand engagement from mobile devices on the move leading to better sales figures.

And if that wasn’t a strong enough case for a mobile optimised website on its own, Google actually downgrades the search ranking of websites that don’t offer a mobile friendly experience to users – so your organic ranking is certainly suffering and making it increasingly difficult for customers to find you online.

Finally, if you have a mobile optimised website already in place, your overall bounce rate will significantly decrease. Content that looks perfect on a desktop displays differently across the wide range of mobile devices we use today and users wont usually stick around if they’re having to zoom in and out to read it or view images. So a mobile optimised website that allows your visitors to access and digest your content easily boosts engagement and keeps them on your site.

Creating a good quality mobile optimised website costs far less than you might think and isn’t as resource intensive or time consuming as a new website. Seeing as you’ve already got your content and basic site navigation in place, the process for developing a mobile friendly website is quicker than you might expect. However, you’ll still need to engage the skills, knowledge and experience of a qualified web developer to create the best mobile experience for your business.

Contact our team today and let us help you create the best mobile optimised website experience for your customers.