Sadly, becoming a hit on social media doesn’t happen overnight. Even the biggest brands require patience, planning, persistence and hard work to achieve Facebook strategy success.

What drives success on Facebook is the quality of your followers and the ultimate aim is to gain fans who’ve not only given you access to their data by liking your Facebook page, but have also purchased from you and are actively encouraging others to do the same.

To achieve Facebook strategy success and nurture these brand advocates, you need a plan.

The tactics below give you an insight on how to engage these followers and ensure that your Facebook marketing efforts don’t fizzle out.

Content is king 

Your Facebook content needs to engage your followers and keep them coming back for more. To achieve this, you’ll need to get creative and mix up your content offerings to include educational articles, entertaining video and engaging branding.

Give the human touch 

To communicate with your followers effectively, you need to step out from behind your logo. Facebook is very much a ‘friend’ orientated social media platform, and the most successful businesses talk to their followers like they would their friends and allow their personality to shine through on any posts.

Of course, you’ve got to strike a balance between casual and professional engagement, so always show courtesy, never swear or post anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

Sharing videos or photos of any special events attended by you or your staff shows your followers that they’re dealing with real people which helps bring them closer to you and your brand.

Create engagement

You want to get your followers and prospective customers to talk to you, but you wouldn’t walk into a room, start a conversation with someone and then leave abruptly – so don’t do it on Facebook!

Once you’ve posted your content, you’ll need to keep a very close eye on any engagement you receive. This means responding to any comments, thanking people for their interest and even referring them to your website or other posts if you feel they might find other content you’ve produced of interest.

The tactics above are by no means and exhaustive list on how to achieve Facebook strategy success, but hopefully they go some way to highlighting the level of commitment it takes to turn your Facebook page into a hive of activity to bring followers closer to your business.

To ensure that your Facebook marketing strategy ticks all the boxes, contact our team of social media gurus today and let us make your Facebook page a magnet for new business.