Infographics are becoming an increasingly popular way of communication key messages and technical information to a wide audience using small amounts of copy combined with graphics. These easy to digest visuals are fast becoming the medium of choice for many businesses and have decided to use them more frequently in place of the blogs we’ve all become accustomed to.

But can infographics entirely replace blogs and articles?

In short, the answer is no. Although infographics play a vital role in engaging your audience and certainly enhance any communications strategy thanks to their often vibrant presentation and design, blogs should not be overlooked in favour of this new trend.

Infographics are fantastic at conveying difficult to understand information or processes easily, where blogs can often become complicated and wordy. But on the other side, blogs are excellent for SEO purposes and discussing a wider range of topics which might be difficult to get across in an infographic.

Good quality design plays a crucial part in creating a successful infographic. Some can become very complex and without the right design, make the message very difficult to understand for someone who doesn’t have much knowledge of the topic. Key elements might be missed and lead to confusion or diffuse the point you’re trying to make.

In this case, it’s well worth engaging with a design team that is experienced in the creation of engaging and valuable infographics and who can create visual communications that not only convey your message, but are sure to be shared across a plethora of digital platforms.

So to round up, it’s clear that well designed and informative infographics clearly have a place in any marketing communications strategy and should be used to enhance your content tactics alongside well-crafted and engaging blogs. Just bear in mind that when you start to put together your concept, you remember the importance of infographic design.

If you’re thinking of mixing up your content strategy and think that infographics would be a great addition, contact our team of infographic design experts today to see how we can help further the reach of your communications.