With the advent of video, infographics and advancements in design, it’s been proven that we’re far more likely to engage with highly visual communications and that’s why having a professional designed presentation really can make all the difference when your attempting to persuade your audience to buy into your idea.

Here’s just a few areas where having a professionally designed presentation can help you get your point across:

Conveying technical data

The backbone of any good proposal is the statistics, facts and figures. Often this information can be technical in nature and difficult to digest, especially if your audience isn’t too used to seeing this type of data.

Conveying this information in a visual format is key to facilitate a clear understanding for those your submitting your proposal to as pages after page of numbers can be overwhelming.

Giving examples

Forming a picture in the minds of your audience is a skill that can’t often be achieved with just words alone. Therefore, it’s essential that you include mock up designs or conceptual drawings or diagrams of any products or service propositions.

Giving your proposal professional polish shows that you’ve taken the time an effort to think about how your idea will look and work in reality and bring your proposal to life.

Make them take your proposal seriously

You might have the best idea in the world, but failure to showcase your proposal in a professionally designed presentation then your audience may not take your pitch seriously.

To give your idea the best possible chance of success, it’s well worth the small investment of a well thought out and professionally designed presentation. Amateur design gives the misconception that you haven’t spent the time and effort that your proposal deserves and wont effectively engage your audience, whilst slick and visual presentations reinforce the concept and make the idea stick in their minds.

For professional help in giving your proposal the best possible chance of success, talk to us today and let us help you create a professionally designed presentation with the wow factor.