Having a great e-commerce platform is so much more than a way for your customers to purchase online, it’s also a fantastic way to maximise sales and encourage repeat business if you get it right.

Take Amazon for example, their online ordering system is so brilliantly simple that it makes the ordering system an absolute dream for its customers. And like all things digital, the easier it is to use the more likely customers are to place orders.

However, some companies offer such a poor user experience with their e-ecommerce platforms that customers abandon their purchases which has a detrimental impact on their bottom line. Here are just a few examples of why customer fail to follow through with transactions online:

Order process is too complicated

Simplicity is key when it comes to e-commerce platforms. The harder your customer has to work to place their order online, then the far more likely they are to give up on the purchase and seek out similar goods or services elsewhere.

The e-commerce platform doesn’t seem reputable

With cybercrime becoming more and more advanced, customers are more vigilant than ever when it comes to their personal information. We’re far more switched on now to the threat of our data falling into the wrong hands, and if your e-commerce platform is a little ropey and doesn’t look reputable then your unlikely to receive many orders.

Online security concerns

Your e-commerce platforms need fortress like security systems to safeguard the personal details of your customers. Ones this security has been compromised, you’ll lose the trust of new and existing customers, so it’s essential that any e-commerce platform you chose is capable of protecting this sensitive data.

Poor system functionality

e-commerce systems that crash, don’t provide any follow-up order confirmations or won’t allow the customer to view the status of their order once it’s been placed fail to measure up against some of the more advanced e-commerce platforms available. Customers have come to expect all of these elements when they buy online, so failure to deliver might result in lower than expected repeat business.

There really is a lot to consider when your implementing a new e-commerce platform for your business. To ensure you get this right first time, speak to our team of e-commerce platform specialists today.