Acting as your online ‘shop window’, your website really is the centre piece of any online digital strategy. But having the time and resources to commit to frequent website management can be a stretch too far for many organisations that are busy with the operational side of things.

When it was first developed, your website really did look the part and you got some fantastic feedback, but the sheen can soon wear off for new visitors when they notice that your products, services, special offers plus news and blog sections haven’t been updated for months.

We’re all so used to accessing the information we need when we first land on a website that we’re becoming increasingly impatient when we can’t find it straight away or worse still it’s out of date. Nine times out of ten we’ll spend a few seconds navigating through the site, then give up and go to a competitor’s website to find what we need. That’s why a frequent website management programme is essential if you don’t want to lose potential customers.

And what about all those little social media widgets you had strategically placed on your website? Apart from just looking good and giving your visitors the impression your keeping up with the latest social media trends, your visitors do expect you to keep all of these platforms up to date with your latest news, products and discounts.

All of this can feel pretty overwhelming, especially if website management isn’t your area of expertise. Sadly, this is where the majority of websites can fall into the ‘to do later’ pile which leaves them looking unloved, out of date and gives visitors the impression that you’re not 100% committed to your business.

To avoid your website sending out the wrong message to potential new customers and placing additional strain on your team to try and keep your website looking fresh and well-tended, call us today and let us create a website management strategy to keep your, copy, images, blogs and promotions up to date.

Our experienced and skilled team can help take the pressure off keeping your digital marketing strategy up-to-date with a wide range of tailor-made website management packages, which leaves you free to do what you do best – running your business.